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ICONIQUE Medical Aesthetics specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures to make our patients look and feel unstoppable. We're a women-owned and operated company with a mission to inspire our patients to be the elevated and empowered version of themselves, providing them with the confidence they need to be "ICONIQUE."

Marissa Maniaci | Iconique Medical Aesthetics | Costa Mesa CA

Marissa Maniaci

RN Founder / Master Injector

Over the last decade, Nurse Marissa has developed a true passion for aesthetics and cosmetic procedures. Currently holding an Allergan Master Injector title, she has successfully treated thousands of patients from all over the world. Over the years, she has attended various local and international training and anatomy courses to offer her clients the most cutting-edge treatments and techniques. Nurse Marissa is dedicated to providing her patients with the best results while maintaining their natural beauty. If you have ever had the pleasure of working with Nurse Marissa, you know her attention to detail is unparalleled, and she will stop at nothing to ensure her patients are happy with their results.

“I founded Iconique because I wanted to create an environment where I could instill confidence in my patients. Everyone deserves to feel & look “ICONIQUE”… I do this through beauty… because when you feel beautiful and feel good about yourself, you can conquer the world!”

Dr. Ranat


Dr. Ranat is California Board Certified physician who offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures. She has a special interest and expertise in aesthetics and sculpting of the face, with a keen eye on balancing and harmonizing the face.

Dr. Ranat’s skill in injecting is evident in her meticulous attention to detail that perfectly complement her warm bedside candor. Her main objective is to compliment one’s natural canvas and build on it.

Injecting is a form of art one must envision the end result.

It takes a refined eye to appreciate and extract art in all its forms.

Dr. Ranat Physician | Iconique Medical Aesthetics | Costa Mesa CA

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