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9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Lip Injections


Lip injections with dermal fillers are increasingly popular, the top non-invasive surgical procedure performed each year, and I was swept away by the trends. At this point, if you are reading blogs about lip injections, you might’ve seen a thing or two people with lip injections—social media and celebrities are filled with people with plump lips. Like you, these lip injections aren’t necessary unless you have a health condition, but otherwise, it’s for aesthetic purposes. 

The more I got exposed to people with lip injections, the more and more they became a norm for me. If everyone is doing it, why can’t I? Scroll on social media sites like Instagram, and instantly, you will see both men and women with high beauty standards. Every time I scroll on their profiles, pics, and stories, the beauty I considered myself as typical was suddenly a low bar—as one would put it, too pedestrian. 

I wasn’t really a fan of cosmetic procedures, but as the name suggests, lip injections are simply injections, so it shouldn’t be much trouble, and deciding about lip fillers was an easy choice. Yes, deciding was easy, but I should’ve prepared and known more about lip injections before. So naturally, my first lip injections were a disappointment. 

The following year, I got lip injections twice by two different board-certified estheticians, and my first one was a disappointment. My first lip injections weren’t the results that I imagined them to be, and yes, there were results, but I don’t quite like them. It’s as if I threw my money at the trash bin, which is utterly wasteful on my part. 

Part of it was my fault, and I should’ve researched more about lip injections instead of going with the flow. On the other hand, it was also the provider’s fault, my provider barely interacted with me and seemed disengaged, and I felt swindled. I did ask politely why I barely felt a difference from the lip injections, and I was advised to pay more to see more difference. 

For the next one, I made sure that I got it right this time around. So by the time I visited my next esthetician, I made sure that I armed myself with a little bit of knowledge about the treatment. But the main difference this time around was picking the right provider, so I went to Iconique Med Spa. There I was told that the results weren’t as I hoped them to be because I lacked assertiveness. 

My provider said that if you lack assertiveness about your goals and intentions regarding your lip injections, you can’t expect your provider to know what you are thinking exactly. So they can’t replicate the results you want. My provider then examined my face, asked some questions about what sort of results I wanted, and then applied the lip injections. 

9 Things To Know About Before Your Lip Injections

However, all of these are the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot more about lip injections you need to know more about before proceeding. Here are 9 things I wish I’d known before getting lip injections. 

1.) Think It Through

I’ve decided that I want lip injections but wanting it is just the start. The next thing you have to do is think it through and know how you want your lip injections to be. Think long and hard about how you would describe your future lip appearance. 

Obviously, you want your lips to be over-filled, but it may not suit your natural aesthetics. And when you do see it, it may be too exaggerated to your liking. That’s why it’s customary for the provider to take caution and go for thin lips since you can always add more if you want more. However, you can avoid all of that as long as you have a clear picture of what you want. 

2.) Don’t Bring Pictures For Comparison

On the other hand, you have had a picture in mind—a literal picture of some social media influencer or celebrity with lip injections. Some doctors encourage this, but most don’t. The problem with these pictures for comparison is that they are not you. 

It is you that will be changed, and so if the results from the lip injections aren’t comparable to the picture, you will feel disappointed. Their facial features are not the same as yours, so the results will be naturally different from what you imagined. You are better off explaining what sort of lips you want than bringing a picture of someone that isn’t you. 

3.) Each Lip Injections Achieve Different Results

A variety of lip injections formulas have emerged, and they have different applications that are best suited. For example, Juvederm is a lip filler that volumizes the lips, achieving a plump look. On the other hand, Restylane is a formula that enhances the lips in different ways, basically saying that I want a lip injection, but it isn’t noticeable and looks natural. 

Depending on your goals and needs, your provider will use the appropriate filler. 

4.) It Ain’t Cheap

Lip injections formula may seem small, but they will cost you a lot of money. The more injections you’ll need, the more it will cost you. Lip injections can cost up to $400-$1200. Better start saving now. 

  1. ) They Don’t Last Forever

Most formulas that lip injections use are naturally-occurring ingredients. Over time, your body will naturally absorb these ingredients, losing the effects of the lip injections bringing it back to its natural state. There’s no way to prolong the lip injections unless you return to the clinic and have another one. 

6.) Minimal Downtime And Aftercare

It’s just injections, so you can resume your daily routine as soon as you are out of the clinic. The only thing you have to do is use ice or a cold pack on your lips after the fillers are injected so that you won’t feel as sore later. If there is any swelling, it will go away after a day or two. 

7.) Side Effects Depends On The Person

Some have experienced redness, swelling, and bruising on the injection sites. But as long as you follow your provider’s tips before and after the procedure, these side effects should be infrequent. That said, everyone’s body is different, so you can’t know that you will have none of these side effects later. 

8.) Gradual Injections Are An Option

If you aren’t totally sure about lip injections, you can opt for gradual changes. Your provider can add a little bit of formula first and see if it’s to your liking for a few weeks. If you like it, you can add more, but if you don’t, you can leave it at that, and it will dissipate soon enough. 

9.) What If You Aren’t Happy With It?

Say that you have fully committed to the lip injections, but in the end, you were still disappointed and want to have it undone. Is it possible? Yes, your provider will inject a formula into your lips to dissipate it. 


Now that you know these factors, you can be thoroughly prepared for your lip injections. If you are interested in the treatment, consider contacting Iconique Med Spa. They offer excellent services that curtail your aesthetic needs and goals. 


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