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What Are Natural Growth Factor Injections? What Are The Benefits Of Natural Growth Factor Injections?

What Are Natural Growth Factor Injections What Are The Benefits Of Natural Growth Factor Injections

Having skin and hair that seem healthy is the definition of beauty. Who wouldn’t want that, after all? Since you will be able to tell that your skin and hair are in the best possible condition, it is worth the time and effort to maintain healthy skin and hair.

Natural growth factor injections are becoming increasingly popular despite the popularity of anti-aging lotions and serums. It makes it reasonable that people would be curious about how these injections work, given that many people have never heard of them. What are natural growth factors that can be injected? What process is this based on? What exactly do these injections give me, then? Visit this article to find out more information about this topic.

What Are Natural Growth Factor Injections

Then, what exactly are natural growth factor injections? Scientists have developed injectable natural growth factors to promote the development of new skin and hair cells. Natural growth factors, including human growth factors extracted from immature cells, drive cell division and go by various names.

Amino acids, peptides, vitamin C, and antioxidants are all components of injectable natural growth factors that contribute to the unique nourishment of the scalp. It’s also great for encouraging the growth of thick, healthy hair. Injecting natural growth ingredients causes a rise in scalp acidity, which promotes hair growth.

This injectable treatment is ideal for anyone experiencing hair thinning or loss who desires thicker, fuller hair that can be styled in any way.

How They Work

New collagen and cells are stimulated to form in the affected area after injections of natural growth factors. Blood is used to heal the affected area in this noninvasive procedure. Fluid plasma and platelets, two blood cells essential for healing, are the main components of Natural Growth Factor Injections. Among the many ailments it primarily addresses are:

  • Helps recover from jaw surgery
  • Reduces pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis
  • Enhanced skin tone and texture.
  • Removes or minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

Natural growth factor injections are replaced by platelet-rich fibrin, a second-generation therapy. Due to the presence of leukocytes, which promote healing in soft and hard tissues, this treatment method is particularly advantageous for restoring the appearance of the patient’s skin. 

The fibrin in your blood and the injured skin is what does the healing in this procedure. Stem cells, fibrin, and blood cells combine to form a gel-like substance. It can be used to treat a wide variety of skin problems, such as:

  • Deflated Cheeks
  • Improves Skin Tone And Texture
  • Dark Under-Eye Hallows
  • Scalp

Microneedling Plus Natural Growth Injections

To ensure the most significant level of patient safety, every tool utilized at Iconique Medical Aesthetics has been meticulously cleaned and sterilized. You will be provided with numbing ointment to remain comfortable throughout the procedure. 

After having some of your blood drawn, it will first be placed in a test tube. After that, the blood is pushed into a machine that separates the platelets from the rest of the blood. The platelets are injected into the wounded area or the skin around the injury in the final stage. Because of this, the cells in your body responsible for mending will multiply. Individuals often require anything from one to three injections to achieve the best possible results.

Injections are performed safely and comfortably by the trained professionals at Iconique Medical Aesthetics to produce the high-end results they are known for. After disinfecting the treatment area, we will draw some of your blood into a vial and then spin it in a machine to concentrate the platelets in the blood. 

The natural growth factor injections are gathered until they have a gel consistency. Activated platelets produce bioproteins that improve the body’s ability to rebuild damaged cells when injected into the skin’s tissues. Iconique Medical Spa’s Natural Growth Factor Injections get to the root of your skincare issues so you can finally find relief.

Microneedling is a supplementary delivery method for natural growth factor injections, and the synergistic benefits of these two treatments allow for faster collagen formation. Needle size, needle depth, skin condition, the number of passes, and the number of treatments all play a role in the outcome. The best results from microneedling with Natural Growth Factor Injections can be achieved after four sessions spaced out every four weeks.

Preparing For The Treatment

In the twenty-four hours following your treatment, spend as much time indoors and away from direct sunlight. Put away any skin care products that include acids or retinoids immediately. After the treatment, it prevents your skin from getting dry and irritated by helping to keep it hydrated. Before beginning therapy, the patient must go without medicine for anywhere from one to three days. 

On the day of your treatment, you should thoroughly cleanse your skin using a mild soap and plenty of water. Avoid wearing any lotions, perfumes, or serums to the session.


On the day of your treatment, it is strongly recommended that you take it easy and not overexert yourself. After completing your treatment, you should stay off the area as much as possible for the next three days. To expedite the healing process of the injured joint, you should get into the habit of doing some gentle stretching and walking every day.

Applying a cold compress to any regions that are swollen is highly recommended. To protect your skin and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun, use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. It would be best if you refrained from using any cleansers on your skin that include harsh chemicals in the days immediately following your surgical procedure. Apply some natural moisturizer to your skin, as it appears dry and flaky.


Concerns concerning the safety of blood products are unfounded, as only the patient’s own blood is utilized. Therefore, the hazards associated with transfusion are avoided with this treatment. Apart from these restrictions,

Injectable growth factors derived from natural sources pose no significant health risks. The technology has been around for quite some time, but its use in the beauty industry is relatively recent. Treatment of wounds with natural growth factor injections dates back to the 1970s. Contact and visit our Iconique Medical Aesthetics clinic if you’re interested in this or any of our other services.



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